Fox News Host Mark Levin Issues Threat To Jan 6 Committee

Fox News host Mark Levin revealed a threat to the congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol during his radio show. (via Media Matters)

MARK LEVIN (HOST): How the hell did the federal government get thirteen of my emails? I never got a subpoena. I was never given notice. And there’s absolutely nothing in those emails that are worthwhile to anything. Zero. What else did they look at? I’m gonna get to the bottom of that, damn it.

I am telling you now, you stick with me. You stick with me, I’m gonna find out who every one of these G-D staffers are on that damn committee, every one of those Congress asses on that damn committee. Every damn one of them. I’m not gonna be intimidated. Life’s too damn short to be intimidated.