What Is Happening With Critical Race Theory In 2021?

Tracking the controversy over “critical race theory” in 2021.

School Board Protests

Conservatives around the country protested against local school boards about critical race theory in 2021, even though there is almost no evidence of any schools in America teaching the theory to K-12 children.

Getting local conservative parents worried about critical race theory has been described as a cynical strategy for Republicans hoping to activate voters in their favor.

General Mark Milley Comments

Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, defended the military allowing soldiers to read books discussing critical race theory. Conservatives slammed Milley for doing so. Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked Milley, calling him a “pig” and “stupid” for his comments.

Fox host Laura Ingraham pushed to defund the military in response to Milley.

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