Trump Doesn’t Care About America’s Crises Because He Isn’t Normal

Donald Trump doesn’t care that thousands of Americans are dying every day from COVID and that Congress can’t agree on a rescue package. He doesn’t care about how Russia hacked multiple agencies. He doesn’t care about any of the serious issues affecting millions of Americans and billions across the world. Because he isn’t normal. Trump … Read more

Outgoing Republicans Deserve No Credit For Leaving The Party

Donald Trump

There have been a series of stories recently about Republicans leaving office who announce they’re “leaving the party.” They deserve no credit for this. It’s an act of political virtue signaling and utterly meaningless. At the end of the day, most Republicans and conservatives have thoroughly supported Donald Trump and Trumpism. Arguably, he united the … Read more

QAnon In Congress: Facts You Need To Know

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Tracking the members of Congress who have promoted the debunked QAnon conspiracy theory. Most prominent among these is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). 80 GOP Candidates In 2020 Expressed QAnon Support. “There have been at least 80 Republican candidates who have run for Congress this cycle who have expressed support for QAnon (25 of these … Read more