Biden Sanctions North Korea Helpers Over Crazed Missile Launch, Doesn’t Cower Like Trump

The Biden administration is sanctioning entities who helped North Korea pull of a recent missile launch over Japan, instead of cowering before the rogue nation like Donald Trump once did.

In a release from the Department of Treasury, the administration announced the new move: “Today’s actions target Singapore-based Kwek Kee Seng, Taiwan-based Chen Shih Huan, and Marshall Islands-registered company New Eastern Shipping Co Ltd, which were involved in the ownership or management of the Courageous, a vessel that has participated in several deliveries of refined petroleum to the DPRK. The Courageous, known as the Sea Prima during much of its illicit activity, conducted UN-prohibited STS transfers with the DPRK vessels and at least one direct delivery at Nampo, DPRK.”

“The DPRK’s ballistic missile launches are destabilizing and dangerous. Today we are sanctioning those who support the weapons programs through sanctions evasion,” wrote Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

North Korea was recently condemned for the missile launch, which passed over Japanese territory.

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, Trump rarely chastised North Korea. Instead Trump wrote love letters to leader Kim Jong Un and even posed with him at a photo shoot in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Trump was also criticized for giving a crisp salute to a North Korean military official, a violation of longstanding protocol.

VIDEO: Kim Jong-un launches missile over Japan, U.S. and S. Korea respond

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