American Families Plan: Facts You Need To Know

Policy details and coverage of the American Families Plan, President Joe Biden’s third major legislative proposal. Biden debuted the plan in his April 28 2021 Address to a Joint Session of Congress.

American Families Plan: Free Pre-K, Community College, Child Tax Credits. “The plan would make pre-kindergarten and community college free across the country, extend the child tax credit through 2025 and make permanent an expansion of the earned income tax credit to childless adults with low incomes, provide direct support to families for child care, finance teacher training and create a national paid family leave program.” [Bloomberg]

Plan Would Make A “Huge Dent” In Inequality. “Biden’s plan would make a huge dent in inequality — in a country that currently provides very little government support for American families. The United States stands alone among developed countries in failing to mandate paid leave for new parents, or paid family medical leave. And many other high-income countries subsidize child care and preschool.” [Vox]

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