World Leader Warns America, Compares Trump To Hitler

A world leader is warning America about Donald Trump, and compared him to Nazi leader Adolph Hitler.

“Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said Monday Donald Trump is using the sort of “strident rhetoric” that helped Hitler and Mussolini come to power.

In an interview with the national newspaper Excelsior, Peña said he “laments” Trump’s proposal of building a border wall paid for by Mexico.

The Mexican president said his government would work with any American government, but underlined that official party nominees for U.S. president in 2016 “are yet to be defined.”” [READ MORE]

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  • dbtheonly

    It goes fairly deeply, and we don’t even have to get to the unfortunate right-arm pledges or quotes that actually came from Mussolini

    Making America Great Again?
    The scapegoating the “other”?
    Racial purity?
    The speeches, long on hate, short on facts?
    The contempt for decadent democracy and mainstream parties?
    Those who would ” Better Trump than Hillary” reminds me of France’ “Better Hitler than Leon Blum”.

    There’s a lot out there.