WATCH: Immediately After Election, Trump Caught Meeting With International Hate Leader

Donald Trump wasted no time after his election, and immediately met with an international hate leader that shares much of his ideology.

Trump hosted England’s Nigel Farage, who has been the public face of the anti-immigrant Brexit campaign in that country for several years. Farage visited Trump at his Trump Tower building in New York City and posed with Trump for pictures to be sent around the world.

During the campaign, Farage visited the United States and broke international protocol by campaigning for Trump.

Like Trump, Farage has claimed that Muslims are “coming here to take us over,” and alleged that there is a “fifth column” of Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Video: Trump hosts UK hate leader Nigel Farage

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  • Brent Sammons

    You sir, are a fear monger. These two men are both realists. This article is written to strike fear into the hearts of the ignorant masses that have no idea who Nigel Farage is. You are part of the corrupt media machine that chops up facts and regurgitates them in a manner that is inconsistent with reality. Hate leader? People, please do your own research, do not let this author, this hate leader, lead you.