Trump’s Planned War On Google, Facebook, And Silicon Valley

While Donald Trump campaigned as a pro-business conservative, an early decision from his transition team signals hostility to one of America’s most prominent sources of economic growth.

His decision to nominate anti-immigrant Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for the key position of Attorney General puts an opponent of H1-B visas in a place of power. Sessions is on record opposing these visas often used by tech companies to hire programmers and other talent.

Last year Sessions introduced legislation that would cut into the number of H1-B visas available to companies, which would reduce the amount of employees in those positions.

Trump himself has also previously voiced concerns about the visas, and it is an area in which the incoming administration’s anti-immigrant hostility could cause major economic repercussions.

Due to the tech industry’s location in Democratic states – California, Washington, and others – the incoming Republican government may turn a blind eye to these concerns, despite the huge influence and impact Google, Apple, Microsoft and others have on the American economy, and on the global economy as well.

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  • gerald

    How could it be an economic problem for anyone besides the ones that don’t get to come to the USA on someone else’s dime and take an American job?