Trump’s Corruption Double-Whammy That The Media Is Letting Slide

Imagine for a second that Hillary Clinton is operating a business that has run afoul of its customers, and some even believe they were defrauded and are suing to get their money back. Then imagine that there is a pattern of Clinton donating money to those attorneys general and in return, they drop their investigations into Clinton’s business.

Now imagine that happening and the media barely focusing on it, instead choosing to bang the drum for another storyline, which is an attack on Donald Trump.

That’s what has happened with Donald Trump and Trump University and the campaign donations he made, followed by skating on possible charges and probes.

The IRS recently fined Trump because one of his charities made a donation to Florida attorney general Pam Bondi. After Trump gave this money to Bondi’s political campaign, she decided not to go forward with an investigation of Trump University.

In [its 2013] tax filings, The Post reported, the Trump Foundation did not notify the IRS of this political donation. Instead, Trump’s foundation listed a donation – also for $25,000 – to a Kansas charity with a name similar to that of Bondi’s political group. In fact, Trump’s foundation had not given the Kansas group any money.

The prohibited gift was, in effect, replaced with an innocent-sounding but nonexistent donation.

In Texas, instead of investigating Trump University, then-attorney general Greg Abbott (now governor) chose to instead allocate time to figuring out how to calculate his campaign money that he received from Donald Trump.

The AP reported that Abbott, a Republican, was serving as Texas Attorney General at the time, and opened a civil investigation of “possibly deceptive trade practices” into Trump University, but quietly dropped it when the organization agreed to end its operations in Texas.

Trump subsequently donated $35,000 to Abbott’s successful gubernatorial campaign, according to records obtained by the AP.

In a normal world, these donations from Trump and the favorable treatment his possibly criminal and corrupt enterprise got from attorneys general would trigger some kind of frenzy in the press. Questions would be raised about “pay for play,” “quid pro quo.” Instead there has been largely silence on these cases, choosing to highlight the “optics” that “could” cause trouble for Hillary Clinton.

I’ve heard for years that there is a “liberal media” out there. I’m still looking for it.

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  • CherokeeNative

    The media’s reporting of the presidential election has been, and is, deplorable. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would be screaming from the mountain tops that Trump has an inside connection with each network and is either paying them off or is otherwise blackmailing them. But I’m not. Still, I am frustrated with the media to the point that I have turned off the t.v. I now get all of my news through social media and research. The media will not get to add me to their ratings for sponsorship fees, as a result of shoddy reporting. Most of the time, I’ve received word of an event even before it hits the media. But, I am retired and have the time to stay abreast of the news and realize that what is being sold on the media is biased information. Pure propaganda! This does not hold true for the middle class working family and there lies my rub with the media.

    The normal middle class family is busy working and tending to children and consequently don’t have time to research what is being reported by the media. They may catch a glimpse here or there of television news, or get to read an article now and then, but for the most part it is a full workday, with kids’ afternoon sports, late dinner, and bedtime only to get up and do it again the next day. What they glimpse on t.v. is the media normalizing Trump. They don’t hear his racism, that he is supported by white nationalists, or the fact that he asked 3 times in an hour during a security briefing why he couldn’t use nukes. The scary truth is being hidden from the middle working class family because of the media’s refusal to truthfully report the facts. I could go on and on but the long and short of it is the media has failed it’s job just as whoefully as Congress has failed SCOTUS by refusing to give President Obama’s Justice nomination a hearing.

    Responsible American voters will never elect Trump as POTUS. If they do, I will hold our media accountable for their terrible handling and reporting this election.

  • dbtheonly

    So Oliver,

    What can we do?