Trump Family Empire Was Built On The Backs Of Prostitutes

Donald Trump was ridiculed for his claim that his real estate empire was kicked off with a “small loan of a million dollars” from his father, but what most people don’t know is where the Trump family came into that kind of money.

It was prostitution.

Frederick Trump was the first in the family to leave Germany for America, back in 1885. After passing some time as a barber, Trump moved from New York City to Seattle and set up a brothel.

A quick study, Trump headed for a prime location, the city’s red-light district, known as the Lava Beds. There he leased a tiny storefront restaurant named the Poodle Dog, which had a kitchen and a bar and advertised “private rooms for ladies”–code for prostitutes. It would allow the resourceful Trump, who renamed it the Dairy Restaurant, to offer the restless, frustrated public some right-now satisfaction in the form of food, booze and easily available sex.

It wasn’t a one-off deal either. Trump later moved up to the Yukon during the gold rush, and was once again involved in the flesh trade:

In the New Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, which he opened in the raw new town of Bennett in May 1898, he again offered “private boxes” for ladies, facilities that included not only a bed, but a scale for weighing the gold dust used to pay for services. It was the best restaurant in town, one newspaper reported at the time, but added that it “would not advise respectable women to go there to sleep as they are liable to hear that which would be repugnant to their feelings and uttered, too, by the depraved of their own sex.”

Two years later, Trump opened yet another restaurant, and it too featured an area separated by dark velvet where “sporting ladies” offered their wares.

While Frederick Trump experienced several booms and bust over his career, he had enough money left over for a nest egg to bequeath to his son Fred when he died of Spanish Influenza in 1918. Little Fred took over his father’s real estate business and eventually generated huge profits.

Those profits allowed him to have the funds to give his son Donald a “small” loan in the 1970s, getting the ball rolling on the Trump real estate business in earnest.

So while Trump professes to be a holy man as he stumps for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination (he claimed his favorite book was “The Bible,” followed by his own tome, Art of the Deal), his family made the fortune that got him into the spotlight with an investment in the oldest business in the world.

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  • weldonberger

    So what? If Trump actually was a good guy, would you use his grandfather’s career to diminish him? He had no control over what his grandfather did, and in any event he’s about as despicable as can be on his own account.

    • Black Women 4 Bernie

      you mean the way the teabaggers damn POTUS for his associations? FOH

      • James Bowles

        Bernie are you black momma’s are the tea baggers….and cheap too.,….50 cents a ball…..but you are uglier than the butt of a goat

    • Mrs. Hawaii

      This comment is intended for those living in Trumpland = “Inherited” in Mahi’s book ain’t shxxxxxt! That’s why! BWASS = Born with a Silver Spoon! SPOILED ROTTEN. Just because a person is FILTHY RICH doesn’t make them the BEST candidate for President of the U. S.A. Great Article that I “Share” to the World! Now for his foreign born ILLEGAL wife even my foreign born parents RIP would ship her axx back to her own darn country! Alo Ha! Mahi

  • James Bowles

    Anyone ever doubt that Trump is a pimp…now he is pimping stupid peoples’s souls….

  • theleftisscum

    The Democrats have always held the rights to making nominating corrupt people. Now, the Republicans are following in their footsteps. Could it be that Trump is simply a Democrat in elephant’s clothing? Is that why the party seems so confused?

    • mistel

      The party is not as much confused as being in disarray. Many of the conservatives of the party are aware of Trump’s corruption. We are also aware that he is a liberal Democrat in elephant’s clothing and will show his true allegiance, hopefully sooner than later.

  • AJ

    And Donald J continues the odious family tradition! When you go to it transfers to yet another escort service. And if you Google “Trump International Escorts” (yet another name he uses for the businesses), it is registered at 180 Riverview Blvd in NYC which if you look that address up, you find is a luxury condo bldg. named after Trump as well. NOW we know why Trump claims that he loves women and women love him, because he has given so many of them jobs. I BET!

  • stellar1

    Name a Clean candidate asshole…

    • Carol Young Robinson

      Ted Cruz. Mike Lee.

  • Barry

    He says he’ll create jobs. It looks like he has a track record for it.

  • D. Shoemaker

    So what?? What a reach!

  • D. Shoemaker

    So what?? What a reach!


    This is pure BS. Were you there in those rooms to know what was going on? NO! What a racist you are!

  • what a useless article…..on paper it would be considered noble enough to be cut up in squares and used to wipe the $hit from ones arse!

  • cher

    And this is why I said he should again be president of the WWE and not of the United States

  • cher

    And this is why he should be president of the WWE and not of the United States. It is not just one scandal here and there. His life is riddled with scandals and Hillary’s life is as well. Decisions Decisions. Next time I hope we don’t have 17 presidential candidates to split the vote because we will end up with another con artist nut job as the nominee again.

  • Blesski

    I’d love to believe this, but what sources did you use to write this article?

  • mskailuakona007

    Great Article that I “Shared” so eagerly so Mahalo from Hawaii from Mahi. Wow, “Inherited” is the Word of the Day! BWASS = Born with a Silver Spoon. SPOILED ROTTEN Just because someone is FILTHY RICH doesn’t mean they’re the BEST candidate to run as president of the U. S.A. Just like actors Hey Arnold! a great actor I simply adore in his movies didn’t make a great Cali. Gov. Or Ronald Reagan RIP that I loved so much in film not in politics. Here’s one link I found fascinating: Really Melania is singing another tune or maybe a foreign melody? Wow

  • Nai Redloh

    But didn’t Trump himself criticize one of his rivals because of his grandfathers alleged communist ties? And you are right when you say that Trump himself had no control over what his grandfather did. He only has control of what he says and does. He has made misogynist and bigoted comments even questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency by questioning his citizenship. And after almost a decade tried to take it back with a sentance.
    This country got flushed down the toilet in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting costly wars to feed the greed of the already super wealthy. But Trump is what this country needs because this country is innately corrupt. A place where the week are victimized and exploited to benefit greedy capitalist.