Tough Talking Trump Goes Limp In Phone Call With Chinese President

Donald Trump used a lot of tough talk about the Chinese government during the 2016 presidential campaign, but when he called up President Xi Jinping he went completely limp.

While he wooed his campaign rallies with the claim that China is behind much of what is ailing the American economy – especially based on trade deals and treaties – that aggressive tone died once Trump had the Asian leader on the phone.

According to a readout of the phone call provided to journalists by the Trump transition team, Trump “thanked” President Xi for “well wishes and congratulations after winning a historic election.”

The Trump team also took notice of the “clear sense of mutual respect for one another” expressed by both men in the phone call, concluding by revealing that Trump told Xi the two countries “will have one of the strongest relationships for both countries moving forward.”

The rhetoric is a far cry from Trump’s pre-election claims that China is scamming America, and that the country is somehow breaking the law with its trade policies.

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  • Evan Forshage

    Guess we’ll see how long it takes for his supporters to convince themselves he never made those promises on the trail.

  • Darksnark

    Trump owes over 600 million dollars to Chinese banks. Of course he’s going to kiss their asses.

    They’ll nationalize his necktie-production facilities if he doesn’t kow-tow….

  • dbtheonly

    You’d really rather him cuss out the Chinese Premier to his face?

    It’s time and past time Trump learns to control his tongue.