Ted Cruz: The Truth

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Who Is Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz is the junior U.S. Senator from Texas. He is a right-wing conservative and an official 2016 presidential candidate.

Ted Cruz’s Racial Views

Cruz Said Hispanics Don’t Beg Or Panhandle. “Cruz then told an anecdote about having lunch with friend, a Hispanic businessman in Austin, who posed the question: “When is the last time you saw a Hispanic panhandler?” Cruz said he thought that was a “terrific question.””[Houston Public Media, 8/20/13]

Ted Cruz Conspiracies

Cruz “Reached Out To The Pentagon” To Investigate Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy About Government Invasion Of Texas. “Speaking at the South Carolina Republican Party’s annual convention Saturday, the Texas senator told Bloomberg’s David Weigel that his office had contacted the Pentagon about the exercise, which officially consists of a series of training drills throughout the Southwest for about 1,200 special operations personnel, including Green Berets and Navy SEALs. ” [MSNBC, 5/2/15]

Ted Cruz’s Record

Cruz Skipped Vote On Attorney General To Campaign After Saying It Was Important. “Sen. Ted Cruz said Thursday the vote on Attorney General Loretta Lynch, which he missed, was a done deal and he has to balance running for president and voting in the Senate.” [Buzzfeed, 4/30/15]

Cruz Blamed Obama For Economic Crash That Happened Under George W. Bush. “Speaking at an event hosted by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) linked the economic policies of President Obama with those of the much-maligned Jimmy Carter. “Historically, the economy has grown 3.3 percent a year since World War II,” he said. “There are only two four-year periods where growth averaged less than 1 percent: 1978 to 1982, coming out of the Jimmy Carter administration, and 2008 to 2012. Same failed economic policies.” If you didn’t catch it, Cruz employed a nifty little bit of rhetorical spin there. What he’s actually comparing isn’t Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. It’s Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.” [Washington Post, 4/29/15]

Ted Cruz Has Sexist Views On Women

Ted Cruz ‘Joked’ About Women Having A Hymen That Grows Back Every Time She Has Sex. “In one debate, [Cruz] proposed a method to detect infidelity, in which God should “give women a hymen that grows back every time she has intercourse with a different guy, because that will be a ‘visible sign’ of the breach of trust,” according to a recollection by David Kennedy published in a Harvard debate team reunion booklet in 2001.” [New York Times, 4/22/15]

Ted Cruz Has Anti-Gay Beliefs

Cruz Introduced A Bill To Ban Same Sex Marriage, Another To Prop Up State Bans. “He recently introduced legislation for a constitutional definition of marriage and another bill to bar federal courts from striking down state gay marriage bans.” [Washington Post, 4/28/15]

Ted Cruz Smears Democrats

Ted Cruz Accused Democrats Of “Fascism.” “”There is a liberal fascism that is dedicated to going after believing Christians who follow the biblical teaching on marriage,” the Texas Republican said in his speech before a Christian conservative audience in Waukee, Iowa.” [CNN, 4/25/15]

Ted Cruz Attacked Christian Democrats, Said There Was “No Room” For Them In The Democratic Party. “Sen. Ted Cruz argued Saturday that Democrats have become so extreme and “intolerant” of religious views that “there is no room for Christians in today’s Democratic Party.”” [CNN, 4/25/15]