Study Proves Republicans Using Voter ID To Suppress Minority Vote

A new study proves that Republicans are using Voter ID laws to suppress the minority vote.

“Researchers from the University of California, San Diego have created a new statistical model indicating that voter identification laws do what detractors claim — reduce turnout for minorities and those on the political left.

Overall, the researchers found, strict ID laws cause a reduction in Democratic turnout by 8.8 percentage points, compared with a reduction of 3.6 percentage points for Republicans.” [READ MORE]

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  • Co

    so is there some reason why minorities can’t go get an ID? is the big bad white man preventing that from happening? give me a break.

    • Acharn0

      Was it Mississippi? Or Alabama? After they passed the law requiring ID from the motor vehicle bureau, they closed down 35 branches of the bureau in the counties with the highest black populations, claiming they didn’t have enough revenue to keep them open. Just an accident in timing, right?