Rick Davis Didn’t Leave His Company Being Paid $15,000/Month From Freddie Mac


That’s right, unsurprisingly John McCain’s campaign is lying to you again.

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  • jr

    “I’m here if you ever want to leave Cindy”-Carl Cameron to John McCain

  • especially funny in reference to this is palin’s rote response to katie couric’s question about davis on cbs. it’s a shame palin isn’t giving more interviews, as it’d be great listening to her giving the same rehearsed answers to every question.

  • SaveFarris

    Jim Johnson thinks this is an apalling development.

  • If Jim Johnson were a senior adviser let alone the campaign manager, your non-sequitir would make sense.

  • ed

    Shorter SaveFaris: I got nuthin.

  • dennis

    Shorter SaveFaris: I got nuthin.

    This from a blog hyperventilating about John McCain’s one eyelid being lower than the other one.

  • Parthenon

    If I ever heard one of you guys say “You know, you’re right, the McCain campaign told a fib there,” I might just… well, probably assume it was a sock puppet posing as you, to be honest.

  • Dennis

    Sorry, Parth. I stopped using the word fib after my youngest daughter graduated from kindergarten. As to lying, I’ll leave that to you to make that claim for every spoken word you’re not 100% in agreement with.

  • Nimrod Gently

    There should be a word for the kind of post where the poster could have just typed random letters and still conveyed more or less the same thing.

  • Dennis

    How about just calling it lying, Nimrod? It’s an all-encompassing word here.

  • essrog

    Agreed, McCain should be called out for lying when he’s lying instead of trying to fudge things in his favor by claiming he “misspoke”

  • Oddly enough, everyone wants to talk about Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, that gave McCain an average of $1,000/year — but won’t mention that Obama averaged $30,000/year from them.


  • Parthenon

    Does the word ‘fib’ have a childish connotation? If so, it may be appropriate here. I’d never call something a lie or a fib by virtue of my disagreement, but I would use either word to describe a statement made in knowing and clear violation of the facts. How about we use ‘fib’ to describe a really bad and easily disprovable lie, the short a child might offer, while a ‘lie’ is slightly harder to disprove?

    To wit:

    Lie – “Sept. 11 is President Clinton’s fault.”

    Fib – “I told Congress thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere.”

    Ah, I’m just teasing you Dennis. All in good fun.

  • PD100

    “Oddly enough, everyone wants to talk about Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, that gave McCain an average of $1,000/year — but won’t mention that Obama averaged $30,000/year from them.”

    No, this post is about Rick Davis, who works as campaign manager for John McCain.

    By the way Jay, do any of Obama’s Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac donors (or excecs) work for Obama TO ThiS Day??1!1??eleven!?