Republicans And Race: The Truth

George W Bush Looks At The Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina
George W Bush Looks At The Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina

Documenting the troubled history of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement on racial issues.

Republicans Make Extreme Remarks On Race

Former GOP Rep: “Democrats Turned Blacks Into Uneducated Government Slaves.” Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh said, “Want to blame someone for Baltimore besides the thugs? Blame Democrats who have purposely turned blacks into uneducated government slaves.” [Talking Points Memo, 4/28/15]

Texas GOP Commissioner Posted White Pride Rant On Facebook. “John Gradberg, a Republican, serves as the commissioner for Precinct 2 on the Panola County Commissioners Court in east Texas. This past Tuesday, his frustration with how bad white people have it in this country boiled over, and he posted a declaration of white pride on his Facebook page.” [Burnt Orange Report, 4/30/15]

Republicans Try To Cut Down The Black Vote

Supreme Court Ruled That Republican-Drawn Voting Districts In North Carolina Tried To Cut Down The Black Vote. “Election and civil rights advocacy groups and Democratic voters in North Carolina sued over the maps and argued that lawmakers created oddly shaped districts to create clusters of Democratic-leaning black voters. The redrawing of the map had the effect of benefiting Republicans elsewhere in the state.” [WRAL,  4/20/15]