NY Times, Washington Post Worked With Trump Campaign’s Bannon On Clinton Stories

The New York Times and The Washington Post worked with a group run by Stephen K. Bannon, Donald Trump’s top adviser and campaign chairman, to research and draft stories about Hillary Clinton.

In 2015, along with Fox News, the Times and Post arranged with right-wing author Peter Schweizer to get pre-publishing access to the lines of attack against Clinton that were used in the book Clinton Cash.

Clinton Cash was a product of Government Accountability Institute, a conservative group where Schweizer served as President and Bannon was Executive Chairman and Co-Founder.

Other funding for Government Accountability Institute came from the Mercer family, who also went on to heavily bankroll Donald Trump’s campaign and are deeply involved in his transition team.

At the time the unusual arrangement was first reported on, Politico noted that the decision to partner with a conservative opposition research operation on Clinton work “raised a few eyebrows” and was seen as “unusual” by some of the reporters at the paper.

Washington Post National Editor Cameron Barr told Politico, “We made an arrangement with Peter Schweizer’s publisher so we could read his book before publication because we are always willing to look at new information that could inform our coverage.”

Both ABC News and CBS’ 60 Minutes reportedly turned down offers from the Clinton Cash publishers for access to the book’s anti-Clinton materials.

After publication of the book, Schweizer went on to be a contributor at the conservative website Breitbart, which identifies itself with the public relations term “alt right,” a term used by other groups opposed to immigration and in favor of a whites-only ethnic state. Bannon described Breitbart, where he served as CEO as the “platform for the alt right.”

The attacks in Clinton Cash were often no more than innuendo, failing to connect grandiose claims about graft and corruption at the Clinton Foundation with actions by Hillary or Bill Clinton or others at the organization.

Still the Times, Post, and other outlets ran with many of these allegations while underplaying or giving a pass to verified corruption at Donald Trump’s numerous failed businesses and family foundation (which he used to pay off personal expenses).

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  • dbtheonly

    We can certainly debate whether the Post and Times, “gave a pass”, to the Trump stories. I have to admit that I ignored the Clinton stories, so I’m not the one to speak to those.

    Are you complaining that the papers got advance review copies of the book? I thought that was SOP.

    • JustaGurlinseattle

      No, they agreed to WORK with Peter and disseminate his lies, so that they could get early access to his disgusting book.

  • alwaysthink

    Schweizer has a long history with claims that government is corrupt. I first heard of this guy when he was Sarah Palin’s foreign policy adviser in 08. He then went on to make a claim that Congress was guilty of insider trading. The media failed to call out his BS then too. Rather they gave his claims some legitimacy as he claimed being aware of economic forces at work was somehow “insider” knowledge. It was all smears and innuendo but Congress was coerced into passing some really dumb legislation.

    Media should have been ready to call out the smears and innuendo in Clinton Cash since all the audited info on the Clinton Foundation was available. But they weren’t. Even AP fell for his BS.

  • JustaGurlinseattle

    This is repugnant.

    Of course, the NYT sure printed a lot of false information using anonymous sources when it came to reporting on Hillary.

    I can hear the BernieBrats now… Ohhh, but Hillary worked with media outlets and reporters. They won’t get that it is different when working for positive coverage on certain issues, rather than using the other party’s hitmen, to make up lies about the other candidate, that should be filed under serious lacking in journalistic integrity.

    The NYT has had it out for Hillary for YEARS… WHY did they do this?
    Now, journalists could be harmed under Trump, but they didn’t seem to care, as long as they hurt Hillary, with their LIES.

    I live out of the country, and like MSM, so I have both NYT and WaPo, accounts..
    I just don’t trust the alternative LEFT wing media, as they were just as bad, if not worse than Right Wing, when it comes to established (I don’t use the word establishment) Democrats in office, and Hillary.

    I’m at such a loss, the Democrats don’t seem to have many media sources. They are either right wing, or LEFT wing Bernie media… like Democracy Now and The Young Turks, neither do I trust anymore, after finding many lies being told by Amy Goodman, and the whole lot at Young Turks.