Mom Accused Of Abuse For Buying Kids 300 Christmas Presents

Mom accused of abusing children after massive Christmas present purchases.

“Emma Tapping, from the Isle of Man, posted a photo of her Christmas tree swamped by an enormous pile of gifts on social media last week.

The image went viral and she has since been accused of “abusing” her children, The Sun reports.

Speaking on UK daytime TV show This Morning, Ms Tapping told hosts Holly Willoughby and Ben Shephard her kids, two daughters aged 13 and nine and a son of 19 months, are not spoiled throughout the year.” [READ MORE]

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  • Dave McCausland

    Wow its very admirable that she is able to do so much for her children,
    people really shouldn’t come down on her, it just saddens me that while
    Most of you have already put up your tree and gone Christmas shopping,
    made some cookies and planed out your Christmas dinner, well for our
    homeless family its a bit different, we are trying to be in a home by
    dec 25, and hopefully not be homeless on Christmas, at this point its
    not looking very good, so please i ask you if you can kindly donate $1
    that would mean the world to us, i know you all get tired of seeing
    everyone’s gofundme posts, i understand. i really don’t like to even ask
    anyone for anything but i am. our family has been through so much this
    last year please don’t make us spend Christmas without a home. Please
    share and donate if you can, or you are welcome to start a fundraiser of
    your own on our behalf, I really believe there are kind and decent
    people still out there. From our family to yours have a safe and happy
    holiday season
    yes i know im on wifi and on a computer its called the library and
    public wifi, homeless in the 21rst century hotspots and facebook are
    everywhere, and we use it to find a home and job search, so please don’t
    bash us, for that also, just because your homeless doesn’t mean you
    should be ridiculed for using social media, just wanted to get that out
    of the way. thank you