Miranda Johns (PHOTO): Florida Woman Arrested For Sex With Dogs

Miranda Johns of Florida, arrested for allegedly having sex with her dogs.

“A Naples woman was arrested Monday after investigators say she recorded herself having sex with her two dogs. Collier County Sheriff’s deputies say Miranda Johns, 21, sent the videos to her boyfriend. John’s boyfriend reported the recordings during a domestic complaint call. ” [READ MORE]

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  • JohnnyD

    Obviously her boyfriend was a “friend” in the narrowest sense of the word. If he found her sexual appetites disgusting, all he had to do is not call her for dates any more. But instead he reported her to the authorities, so I’m guessing he bonded much more strongly with her dogs than he did with her.

    The dogs, I have to assume, were not in the least distressed or disturbed by her actions, so I have to wonder just what the “crime” is here, aside from the broaching of the moral sensitivities of people who have never met her, and whose business hers is, frankly, none of.

    Seriously, I’m wondering just exacly what was the “crime against society” here that mandated she face charges for this? Sure, maybe her dogs might have trouble settling into a normal family situation should she someday wish to sell them to someone else. They might, heaven forbid, hump someone’s leg or something. Horrors! But by comparison, it’s not considered any kind of crime whatsoever to teach these same dogs to visciously attack every stranger who might come near, no matter how un-threatening their demeanor. No one goes to jail for THAT, even though it is a much more overt example of encouraging undesirable behaviors in pet animals which might conceivably harm someone later.

    This is another example of a behavior being labeled “criminal” simply because it threatens some peoples’ moral framework. Mostly religious people, I must assume, to whom displaying “faith” in their deity seems to require forcing everyone not already a party to it to demonstrate the same degree of faith as they do, agreeably or not. Never understanding that forced or coerced “faith” is not “faith” at all, by any measure.

    • Ivan Urkinuov

      Politically, I agree with you 100%. But she still fucked a dog. Crime? Shouldn’t be. Gross – definitely.