Michelle Malkin, Deposed Leader of the Coalition of the Insane

Michelle Malkin decided to make *hit up and say that John Kerry shot himself to get a medal in Vietnam, because he knew with his psychic powers that he’d be running for president 35+ years later. Michelle must have forgotten that she wasn’t on Fox or some Heritage foundation shindig because Chris Matthews smacked it down so hard you could actually feel it comin’ through your tv screen. Click “read more” to watch the crime in progress.


UPDATE: Keith Olbermann:

Michelle Malkin, the unfortunate and overmatched author of a self-loathing book that attempts to justify our World War II internment and robbery of Americans of Japanese heritage, became the harbinger of the next mucky smell of low tide. She raised the story— heretofore consigned largely to Robert Novak and everybody to his right— in that delightful, Teflon way of modern politics: ‘I’m not saying that John Kerry shot himself. But in the Swift Boat Veterans’ book, they ask whether or not his wounds were self-inflicted.’If Ms. Malkin isn’t seen on television, or moving on her own power, in the next few days, it’s understandable. My colleague Mr. Matthews forced her to hang herself out to dry ten or eleven times (never prouder of you, Chris). He may have directed the momentum, but her wounds were ultimately, uh, self-inflicted.

UPDATE 2: And now Malkin is crying “ambush journalism”. Malkin, after disparaging MSNBC’s ratings (yet she chose to hawk her book there) says this little bit:

FOX News, with whom I have a contract, has generously allowed me to appear on some competing networks to talk about the book.

Meaning, she’s used to softball action from Fox (Sean Hannity essentially reads RNC releases on air – he’s more like a teleprompter-reading anchorman than anything, kind of like Ted Baxter for the right) and not actually being challenged on her insanity.

Malkin continues, after a rant where she throws all kinds of childish insults (like she did when Eric Muller and Greg Robinson exposed the fradulent reasoning and made up data in her historically revisionist book) at the show who she felt just fine pimping her book on, to twist Willie Brown’s words – claiming that when Brown says “Massachusetts politics is always been very respectful” that he’s saying Kerry’s a lightweight. No, Michelle, Willie Brown’s saying that Kerry’s coming from somewhere where people don’t make stuff up about a decorated Vietnam Vet’s honorable service simply to score cheap right-wing brownie points.

Not at all like Malkin turning off the comments on her blog when she got called out. I bet she sticks to the safe environs of Fox from now on.

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