Mehmood Ur Rehman Rahimoon: Diplomat Son Rape Arrest

Mehmood Ur Rehman Rahimoon, the son of a diplomat, has been arrested and accused of rape.

“The son of a Pakistani diplomat was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old Bronx girl he met through a social media app called Whisper, police sources said Wednesday.

Mehmood Ur Rehman Rahimoon, 20, was charged with raping a minor, the sources said.

Rahimoon, who is nicknamed Rey and lives in Scarsdale, met the teen in October on Whisper, an app where users can post messages anonymously, sources said.” [READ MORE]

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  • Kk

    Mohammed prophet promotes paedophile in Islam . so this diplomat’s son thought he prophet can do it,why not I?