Kindergarten Cop 2: Movie News, Photos, Videos, Reviews


Kindergarten Cop 2 is the sequel to the comedy hit about a police officer going undercover in a kindergarten class.


Dolph Lundgren

Kindergarten Cop 2 Trailer

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  • Jackie Sunshine McKee

    Finding that movie that isn’t disgusting or disturbing to my mental stability isn’t easy with the films that they put out today. I am looking forward to this family friendly movie pitting kids vs adults. I loved it in Dennis the Menace and I loved it in Home Alone. This a welcome addition to the film lineup this year with Dolph Lundgren and Bill Bellamy in this newest addition to family fun Kindergarten Cop 2. It is directed by Don Michael Paul who also directed Jarhead 2 and Tremors 5. With those and others under his belt, I know that I am in for a surprise as I had been given with his previous films. Thanks Universal for releasing this sequel to a classic.