Kansas Tried Trump Economics And Now It’s A Disaster

Kansas is completely dominated by Republicans at all levels, and its economy is a complete disaster.

Led at the top by Governor Sam Brownback, Kansas pushed a program of massive tax cuts that were supposed to light up the economy as the super wealthy were given a chance to take more money home.

It didn’t work. Kansas now has a deficit that is $345 million and growing, with vulnerable children among the biggest victims of conservative economics as Kansas schools lose funding. The state has been forced to use funds from the national tobacco lawsuit settlement to cover the budget hole, money that was supposed to fund early childhood education.

Brownback has become the least popular governor in America as a result.

In 2012, Brownback gave Kansans his version of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” pitch, telling them tax cuts “will pave the way to the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs, bring tens of thousands of people to Kansas, and help make our state the best place in America to start and grow a small business.”

It didn’t happen, as many liberals and Democrats at the time predicted and warned Brownback and the Republicans in the state legislature.

In Washington, after their 2016 election victory, Donald Trump and congressional Republicans led by Speaker Paul Ryan want to replicate what happened in Kansas to the entire United States. They believe in the idea that cutting taxes for the super-rich will lead to widespread prosperity. But it doesn’t work. And America will suffer.

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  • Michael Jenkins

    We need to suffer horribly and maybe this time we will learn our lesson. I doubt it though we forgot Oct 2008 fast enough.

  • Pro Rustrade

    The world has suffered under FED and USA economics since 1913, and it´s a monstrous disaster. WW1, Russian revolution, Great depression, WW2, endless wars with false pretenses. Haven´t you guys done enough already?

    • dbtheonly

      WWII was started by the Fed?

  • SneakyJimmy

    When you don’t have jobs you don’t pay taxes.