Jamie Otis – Destroyed Trump Walk Of Fame Star (Photos And Facts)

Jamie Otis Destroying Trump’s Star
Jamie Otis Destroying Trump’s Star

Who Is Jamie Otis?

Jamie Otis is a Los Angeles area man who destroyed Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Destruction Of Donald Trump’s Star On The Walk Of Fame

Otis was caught on video by Deadline while dressed as a construction worker using a pickaxe and sledgehammer to destroy the star. He told Deadline that he wanted to auction pieces of the star to raise money for women who accused Trump of sexually assaulting them.

Otis left the scene before officers from LAPD arrived on the scene.

Jamie Otis Photos

Trump’s Star On Walk Of Fame Destroyed
Trump’s Star On Walk Of Fame Destroyed
Jamie Otis Destroying Trump’s Star
Jamie Otis Destroying Trump’s Star

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  • joebangor

    Reminds me of German’s ” Kristallnacht ” also known as Reichskristallnacht and the night of broken glass. Nothing more than political intimidation, an action taken to not only stifle free thinking, free speech, and freedom of association, but the destruction of property in an attempt to physically intimidate others with similar thinking.

    I’d like to see the arrest record of this upstanding citizen who was just trying to help other “victims”.

    This destruction is just one of many actions which confirms what is often whispered in Hollywood circles, “You either fully and outwardly support the Democratic / Progressive party line or you will be destroyed.”

    • dbtheonly

      Well there’s over-the-top for you!

      Kristallnacht was organized. Mr. Otis’s actions, as far as Oliver has posted, were an individual act.
      Kristallnacht was directed at a group, Jews. Mr. Otis’s actions were directed at an individual.

      This was an attempt to stifle free speech(?!) Unproven and of dubious connection.
      Free thinking (?) Ditto.
      Free association(??) Ditto.

      An individual act of vandalism. Nothing more.

      Really, how do you get there from here? Unless you assert the “vast left wing conspiracy” holding “true conservatives” down. Which itself is unproved outside the conspiracy theories and paranoid delusions of the alt-right.

      Though Entertainers rely on public acceptance for their success. A truly unpopular person will not attract persons willing to buy tickets to see that entertainer perform. Producers recognize this and do tend to shy away from controversy. Thus Mel Gibson has trouble finding work, based on his drunken antics and anti-Semitic rants. However warranted or legitimate we might think this, it is a fact. Paul Robeson, Zero Mostel, and Jane Fonda learned this, lest you think only “conservative” entertainers are impacted.

      • silentsunday

        My arrest record is clean after 25 nonviolent actions, fighting an injustice, Thanks for your opinions. James

        • dbtheonly

          A grand gesture.

          • james Otis

            Thanks. I tried, however unsuccessful.