Helmets For The Troops

I am not an expert in battlefield gear, etc. But these images were recently on MSNBC in a video release from the DoD of a firefight with insurgents in Baghdad. Shouldn’t our soldiers have helmets on?



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  • Dude,

    My gut instinct tells me these guys have helmets but were most likely making a strategic decision not to wear them. I’m sure these guys have to make decisions balancing risk versus effectiveness and I wouldn’t second guess them in that.

    SO LONG as they are being given the equipment they need to make it their choice. Now if there is evidence of a supply failure regarding proper equipment, Id be with ya.

  • I’m not second guessing if they chose to go with or without, I’m honestly asking. It just looked odd to me.

  • chuck

    It is an admitted fact by the Pentagon that they are way short of armored jeeps, body armor and pieces for their holsters etc. The soldiers routinely are calling law enforcement supply houses here and ordering using their own credit card. This came out in a phone call several weeks ago by an employee of one of the supply houses. What this country has tolerated by this administration towards the enlisted personnel is one of the most shameful things ever seen. It is not a matter of can’t but a matter of won’t. The suppliers to the Pentagon have been interviewed and all have said they are capable of dramatic increases in production but they have received no orders from the Pentagon to do so. Furthermore the Pentagon is now cutting back on social workers for the vets who come back so that they can screw these people out of what little services are available.

  • Dugger

    Well, Chuck bit, OW. Why not float out something about the Titanic and some other ‘Chuck’ will find a Bush tie-in to that.

  • Duros62

    Meanwhile, back a couple of days, Pedro said

    All 13 people aboard a U.S. military helicopter Saturday were killed when it went down northeast of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

    Call Pelosi, tell the her to take away all those dangerous aircraft the military is flying around in. Damn republicans, what, do they want someone to get hurt or something…?
    Posted by: pedromd07 | Jan 21, 2007 8:07:57 AM

    And today, there was this.

    BAGHDAD, Iraq – Four of the five Americans killed when a U.S. security company’s helicopter crashed in a dangerous Sunni neighborhood in central Baghdad were shot execution style in the back of the head, Iraqi and U.S. officials said Wednesday.

    So, let’s recap.
    Pedro is the new Frank.

  • pedromd07

    First the answer to Olivers question: I believe that is a sniper team based on the M40 rifle the guy is holding. They are probably in a pretty good hide doing a little discreet sniping…

    Now on Duros…the honesty impaired.

    Here is the primary line…military helicopter…security company’s helicopter. See a difference? Two completely different events.
    Duros is the new Dan Rather….

  • chuck

    Problem with those like Dugger is that first of all they don’t acknowledge the facts of the matter. Secondly they are juvenile enough to actually go through the process of creating what they think is a “cool” screen name for themselves. Adults are able to use their first name. “Dugger” decided he is a New Age CB Rambo and needs a cool sounding name.

  • hey chuck, don’t badmouth everyone that don’t use their first names for their screen name. Personally, I selected mine from the title of a book I read a long time ago… I thought it would be an amusing name to go by.

  • Dugger


    You think I think ‘Dugger’ is a cool screen name? Thats idiotic. Why would Dugger be cool? I detest ‘cool’. Its usually a substitute for a work ethic. And your original post still sucks. OW shows a picture of a couple of GIs without a helmet and you verge off into an anti -Pentagon, anti-Bush screed.

  • merlallen

    Do you wear special glasses when you read? Oliver just asked a question. I guess wingnut, pantywaist codpiece worshippers really do create their own reality.

  • Duros62

    Pedro, I stand corrected. Didn’t notice that little tidbit.

    Still and all, pretty bad stuff.

  • Ummm, Oliver… the guy is a sniper. Check out the mega-sized scope on his rifle. He’s not wearing a helmet (although it’s probably close by) so his access to the scope isn’t obstructed.


  • While the troops definitely have supply problems for a lot of their gear, I’d assume that these guys made a personal decision to take off their helmets to have a better view while looking for snipers, for instance.

    It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but I guess the position these soldiers are in was “safe enough” to do so.

    None of this means of course that it isn’t a shame how little this country has been doing to keep their soldiers well equipped. It still seems to be a lot easier to buy some planes for a billion each instead of a million bullet-proof vests for one billion.

  • Duros62

    Anybody see Futureweapons on the Discovery Channel? That sniper rifle can pick off a target from a 1/4 mile away.
    Impressive, to say the least.

    Hey, I may be a liberal and all, but I still likes my Grand Theft Auto and Playground of Destruction.

  • pedromd07

    Um, Duros?

    The M40 weapons system is good to beyond 1/2 mile (over a thousand yards)agaisnt “soft” targets like a human skull….
    Check it out on this wiki…

  • Duros62

    1/2 mile, 1/4 mile… I couldn’t remember what was said.

  • I’m thinking those are snipers, and helmets get in the way of the big guns they are carrying.