GOP Reacts To Clinton Popular Vote Win With New Push To Stop Minority Voters

Republicans are already working harder to prevent voters from having their say in American election.

While Donald Trump prevailed in the 2016 presidential election, he has done so only via an electoral college victory. In the popular vote, Hillary Clinton earned over 2 million more votes than Trump and the margin continues to rise.

Not happy with this development, Republicans at the federal and state level are already whipping up plans to cut down the amount of voters who can cast a ballot.

NPR reports that Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick wants to impose a new voter ID law there, and while the Obama administration has been fighting the plan, he is looking forward to Trump’s chosen attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, to give him a free pass to impose the new law. Republicans have been afraid of the growing political power of the Latino vote, especially in states like Texas which have been a vital part of the Republican electoral vote. If they can prevent minority voters from gaining power in the state, they can keep Texas in their column.

In New Hampshire, incoming Governor Chris Sununu wants to ban the ability for voters to register on the same day as an election. The Republican hope is that this cuts down on voters who lean towards the Democratic Party.

Democrats have supported laws that automatically register voters, requiring non-voters to opt out instead of needing to actively register to vote during arbitrary deadlines.

The Republican push to stop minority voting and the devastating election loss could spur Democrats to be more proactive on these laws and policies.

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  • Malik Gibbons

    What else are they gonna do? Stop being super racist? The only way they’ll ever win presidential elections now is gerrymandering and voter suppression. Shifting demographics ensure that.

  • poobah69

    The way to get automatic voting registration done in red states is to get a citizens measure on the ballot. We do it in Calif all the time. That’s how we raised state taxes on the very rich. Circulate petitions to get the required number of signatures and get the measure on the ballot and then let the voters decide. Once voters decide, the states legislature can’t change it or cancel it.
    People who circulate the petitions are not of either political party but paid petition signature gatherers. I’ve suggested it to the DNC in the hopes that they get off their butts and start working on it.