GOP Establishment Sends Emergency Dark Money To FL For Rubio

GOP establishment figures are sending millions in emergency dark money to Florida to rescue Marco Rubio.

“A billionaire-backed super PAC aligned with Sen. Marco Rubio is pounding his home state of Florida with an $11.3 million blitz of television commercials, online ads and mailers, aiming to help him make up crucial ground before the state’s winner-take-all primary on March 15.

The latest burst of air support from Conservative Solutions PAC: a $5 million ad buy reported late Tuesday evening to the Federal Election Commission.” [READ MORE]

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  • Media (Propaganda) Matters

    When does your piece on Clinton’s Dark
    Money come out?

    • The same day as his column about the rise and fall of Dennis Dweebs, notorious troll on MMFA and aging ex-jock.