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Fox News Channel
Fox News Channel

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The Fox News Channel is a 24 hour conservative news channel owned by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox, the parent company of the Fox TV network.

Fox News Is A Conservative Network. Fox News slants its news in the conservative direction. All of the network’s opinion hosts are on the right, and very few liberals are invited on Fox News.

Fox News Pushed For The Iraq War. Fox News was one of the leading voices in favor of the disastrous invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Fox News Smears Democrats and Progressives. Fox News regularly slants its programming in order to promote attacks on Democrats and progressives while manipulating the facts in order to do so.

Fox News Promotes Republicans. Fox News regularly promotes Republican politicians, hosting them across all of its programming.

Fox News Produces Republican Candidates. Several Fox News employees have used their time at the network to promote themselves to conservative audiences, eventually becoming Republican candidates.