Fake Final Election Results Promoted By Google, Facebook

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Google and Facebook are being used by Trump supporters to promote fake numbers about the final results of the 2016 presidential election. These fake results show Donald Trump winning the popular vote, when he actually lost.

One of the top search results on Google for “final election results” shows a fake news website claiming that Trump won the popular vote.

Similar fake results have been popping up on social media, including Facebook and on Twitter.

In reality, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. She has an official lead of over 700,000 votes, and is projected to have a margin of about 1.8 million more votes than Trump when all votes are finally counted.

While Trump won enough states to win the electoral college and the election, Clinton’s popularity in highly populated states like California, New York, and even Texas will comfortably give her the edge in the popular vote.

Trump will be the second election winner in fifteen years to fail to receive a plurality of the votes. The other was former President George W. Bush after the 2000 election.

By comparison, the most recent Democratic presidential winners – Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, received a plurality of the votes and won the popular vote and the electoral college.

It is unclear if the fake final election results are a deliberate right-wing disinformation campaign or simply the product of poorly educated Donald Trump fans who do not understand how the election system works.

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  • dbtheonly

    If you’re taking bets, put me down for deliberate. It is hard to argue that President Trump (you know how hard that is to type?) has a mandate to X; when a majority of Americans voted for someone else.

    Just for it, President Obama won majorities both times & GW did it in 2004.

  • Brent Sammons

    How is it that Google and Facebook are to blame? The website is WordPress isn’t it? The page does show up in Google searches and is shared on Facebook but are they expected to start policing every post and webpage for truth? Why was WordPress not even mentioned in this article? And in the WordPress article, it states that their information is based on a tweet. So why is Twitter not blamed? They probably tweeted this on an iPhone, we should definitely hold Apple accountable.

  • none

    Dont worry people. It is on Bing as well. Just another atempt for the misinformed people to debate.

  • sandy

    Who really cares? The last time I checked, the constitution says the winner of the electoral college is the president. The founders did that for a reason. They didn’t want uneducated city dweller whom are living on the government dime, putting the same liberal nation wreckers in the White house every four years. They are easy to spot too. They’re all out protesting a democratically held election every night in a city near you.

  • Mark Rohaley

    no that is simply not true because if populaar votes were the standard Trump would have caampaigned in California & NY IDIOTS lol rediculous demons