Fair And Balanced

On Fox News Channel, you’re free to speak about the coronation of George W… unless you’ve got the nerve to criticize Dear Leader. Then you get a Fox News MeltdownTM.

View the video here at IFilm, who has offered to host it. If anyone else would like it, let me know. My hosting bill is going to be super-wicked high (4 digits, I’m thinking), so please donate here to help me out. Thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks to those of you visiting from Michael Moore, Democratic Underground, Daily Kos and thousands of message boards and blogs from far and wide. I didn’t expect this to be so popular and getting this clip out is important, but if you could donate here or buy an ad so that I can defray my bandwidth costs and bring more stuff like this to you, that would be great – and thanks to those of you who have put money in so far!

UPDATE: You can e-mail Fox News’ Brigitte Quinn. Let her know what you thought of her performance. What’s strange is that Quinn used to be a decent news anchor (on MSNBC) before she went to Fox. Shocking.

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