Donald Trump’s Attacks On Alicia Machado Explained

Donald Trump fat-shamed Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado after she gained weight in 1997, and made her exercise in front of cameras he called in for a media event.

Machado announced in 2016 that she was becoming an American citizen and was voting for Hillary Clinton.

Trump claimed that Clinton arranged Machado’s citizenship. That was a lie.

Trump claimed that Machado appeared in a “sex tape,” but that was also a lie.

A CNN anchor pointed out that Trump’s tweets about Machado were “kind of vile.”

Trump campaign senior adviser AJ Delgado told MSNBC she was “embarrassed” by Machado “as a Latina.”

Republican lawmakers slammed the Trump campaign for bringing up the issue.

TPM Media’s Josh Marshall explained: “For Trump, Machado must be like a terrifying nightmare: a strong, beautiful Latina, draped in an American flag, who is intent on hurting him but who he is incapable of injuring.”

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