Democrats & Religion: The Truth

Barack Obama Praying
Barack Obama Praying

Conservatives and Republicans have circulated many lies, myths, and distortions about the Democratic Party and religion.

Every Democratic Nominee For President Has Been A Christian. Every person that the Democratic Party has nominated for president, including John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama, has been a member of the Christian faith.

Christians Are A Major Part Of The Democratic Coalition. Practicing Christians are an integral part of the coalition that elects Democrats, particularly among black voters, who are overwhelmingly Christian and Democratic.

Democrats Didn’t Boo God At The 2012 Democratic Convention. “It is also not true that DNC delegates “booed God”; they instead booed the outcome of a procedural issue when the results of a floor vote were seemingly ignored by the chair.” [Snopes, 9/26/12]