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George W Bush Signing 2001 Tax Cuts
George W Bush Signing 2001 Tax Cuts

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Detailing the effects of conservative economic theories and ideas on the country and individual states.

Conservative Economics In Kansas

Conservative Tax Cuts Created “A Hole” In Kansas Budget. “Irresponsible income tax cuts the Legislature passed in 2012 and 2013 created the hole in the state’s general fund. The governor and lawmakers have tried to fill it by shoveling in money from the designated highway fund and with other unwise gimmicks.” [Kansas City Star, 4/23/15]

Kansas Schools Ran Out Of Money Because Of Tax Cuts. “At least eight Kansas school districts recently announced that they’re starting summer break early this year, and not because kids have already learned so much that they deserve a few extra days off. It’s because these schools ran out of money, thanks to state leaders’ decision to ax education spending midyear to plug an ever-widening hole in their budget.” [Washington Post, 4/30/15]