Clinton Crush: Hillary Over Bernie By 31% In New Poll

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead in a new poll of Democratic voters.

“Hillary Clinton has increased her dominant lead within the Democratic Party’s presidential contest, now besting rival Sen. Bernie Sanders by a margin of two to one among primary voters in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. But the Democratic front-runner remains unpopular with the general electorate, and fewer than a third of Americans give her high marks for being honest and straightforward.

In the new poll, conducted Oct. 25-29, 62% of Democrats chose Clinton as their top choice to win their party’s presidential nomination, while 31% picked Sanders. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley received just 3% support.

That’s up from Clinton’s 25-point lead earlier in October, 58% to 33%.” [READ MORE]

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  • Stellaa

    So, it starts, the MSM bashing poll deniers from the left gonna start the new conspiracy theory.

    • Mark Bunster

      Nah, we’re just in a holding pattern until more debates and then Iowa.

  • Will this be the Clinton Crush Saga?