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Bob Beers
Bob Beers

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Bob Beers is a member of the Las Vegas City Council and a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Nevada in 2016. He is a conservative right-wing Republican.

Beers Said The Children Of Casino Employees Are “Prone To Dropping Out Of School” And Producing “Illegitimate Children.” Beers sent an incendiary email that said, “‘For the most part, however, the many children they sire grow up not valuing education either,’ he wrote, referring to casino industry employees. ‘These youngsters are prone to dropping out of school, reproducing illegitimate children, often while little more than children themselves, abusing drugs and alcohol more frequently, and even killing themselves more often than people who do value education.'” [Las Vegas Sun, 2/21/03]

Beers Proposed A Law Putting Guns In Elementary Schools. “A Nevada lawmaker is reacting to the Virginia Tech shootings saying once again that teachers should be allowed to carry concealed handguns. Senator Bob Beers sponsored a bill, which would have done that in Nevada.” [KLAS, 4/17/07]

Beers Opposed Full-Time Kindergarten For Children. “Jon Ralston probably remembers that Bob led the charge AGAINST full-time kindergarten in Nevada. Backwards policies like this have kept our students at the very bottom of education achievement for decades.” [The Nevada View, 3/21/13]

Beers Broke Nevada’s Financial Disclosure Law. “A district judge has ruled that former state Sen. Bob Beers of Las Vegas failed to file a 2008 financial disclosure statement as require by law. District Judge Todd Russell granted a summary judgment Monday for the Secretary of State, who fined Beers $2,000 and asked for attorney fees and costs.” [Las Vegas Sun, 8/5/11]

Beers Was Fined By The Nevada Ethics Commission For Implying His Opponent Was An Arsonist. “He was hauled before the state Ethics Commission because of a flier that the panel said implied Silvers was an arsonist … The ethics commission slapped him with a $5,000 fine.” [KNPR, 10/1/13]