Mock The Right: It’s The Only Way To Be Sure

Liberals want to win every argument. They want to come in, loaded with an armful of facts, drop them on the head of their opponent, say “Boom, ya busted!” and walk out, confident that they have won. But in the real world, there is no independent arbiter that judges whether you won an argument or […]

Unreachables And Why Liberals Should Stop Trying To Convince The Conservative Cult

In an ideal world for liberals, everybody would agree with them. If they disagree on an issue, these liberals believe, you only need a soaring Aaron Sorkin speech from the West Wing, or it’s real world equivalent – President Barack Obama – to convince people otherwise. They are good people at heart, it is believed. They only need to see the […]

Year Zero: A Future History Of America: Chapter One

When the following events first occurred, the era of unprecedented change in America and the world at large was not referred to as “Year Zero.” At the time, most people were unaware that such monumental changes were underway. For the average citizen living then, the political upheaval that is now universally recognized as the most […]

Attention Liberals: The NY Times Isn’t Your Ally

Liberals buying a subscription to the New York Times, and proudly announcing it on social media, was one of the strangest reactions to the result of the 2016 election that I have ever observed. I thought to myself: Was everybody driven over the edge by Trump’s victory? Did everyone just simultaneously take leave of their […]

The Media’s Real Bubble Is White And Male

Politico’s piece on the media clustering in overwhelmingly Democratic areas sought to back up the argument of conservatives that cultural elites are out of touch with America and distorting the news. As evidence they cite the fact that the media missed the forces conspiring with each other that resulted in Donald Trump becoming president. But what […]

I Get Mad

I’m not your standard issue liberal who believes in peace and flowers and the idea that we should all sing cumbaya as we’re led to slaughter. I believe that the intelligent and humane application of military force is warranted in situations where the lives of our citizens are threatened, or when innocents are being persecuted. As […]