Alicia Watkins: Donald Trump Job Interview Plant (Facts & Photos)

Alicia Watkins is the woman who appeared at Donald Trump’s press conference on March 21, 2016 at Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. for a job interview.

Watkins Claimed To Be A Member Of The Media And Asked Trump For A Job. “Identifying herself as a 9/11 survivor and Afghanistan/Iraq war veteran, Watkins asked Trump if his new hotel in Washington would include a veterans employment program. Trump said it would, and asked her to come to the podium for a job interview.” [CNN, 3/21/16]

VIDEO: Alicia Watkins “Job Interview” With Donald Trump. [C-SPAN, 3/21/16]

Trump Campaign Gave Phony Website As Watkins’ Employer. “The Trump campaign, which handled credentials for the press conference, initially told CNNMoney that Watkins worked for “a site called Troops Media which focuses on military and veterans issues.” When told that there was no evidence of any such site on the Internet, the Trump campaign said it would look into the matter.” [CNN, 3/21/16]

Watkins Was A Homeless Air Force Veteran Who Appeared On Oprah. “In 2010, Watkins’ allowed “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to document her life as a homeless veteran.” [Huffington Post, 3/25/15]

Alicia Watkins Photos

Alicia Watkins
Alicia Watkins

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  • john kwill

    Trump TCB

  • fred

    If Trump set this up to get rid of his bigot image, he is sunk

    • Enlighten Inspired

      If someone is so simple to believe otherwise, they deserve to be led astray by the reality TV star candidate….

  • Emma

    I looked into this story because I saw it on Facebook and something about it didn’t ring true. I was right. It’s just another one of Trump’s marketing ploys. #shortfingeredvulgarian

  • BW

    When you look into it, it does look too good to be true. The woman is a superstar. So the reason I clicked on your article is that I was hoping you had done some research and had some evidence that it really was a plant.

    Unless I’m missing something, your article doesn’t have any evidence that it is a plant. I was hoping to find some proof but all you have in your article and the comments here is “smells fishy.”

    So do an update to this article! Go get some evidence and bring it on. That’s what we’re here for. Investigative journalism sells. “Smells fishy” is something I can get at the water cooler at work.

    If you really have the the Kryptonite, Bring It On! I want to know the facts and not just find other people who share my suspicions.

  • Rosie

    She was recently on say yes to the dress and she got the VIP treatment…what a coincidence…