Susan Collins, Bob Corker Prove All Republicans Are Trump Republicans

If you are waiting for Republicans to defend America against their own party’s assault on the country, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

I watched as liberals cheered on figures like Sens. Bob Corker, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and John McCain for occasionally voicing mild dissent from the Trump era.

We all also collectively watched as these same figures voted against health care for millions and in favor of massive tax cuts for the idle rich (like the Trump clan).

What have we learned? What we knew over a year ago: There is no dividing line between the “good” Republicans and the Trump Republicans. For all effective, practical purposes, there is no “Never Trump” on the right.

What we do have are openly pro-Trump Republicans, and pro-Trump Republicans who occasionally throw a bone to the left but are for all practical purposes as deeply burrowed in Trump’s nether regions as the MAGA-cap wearing racist brigades.

This desire to see good in Republicans doing America harm is a liberal failing. They are not allies, or even temporary sources of help. They are part and parcel of the entire Republican machine that installed Trump in the first place and continues to prop up his failed presidency.

There isn’t a dividing line. They’re on the same team. They chose long ago – from even the Nixon years – to put party over country every time. If the choice for the right is destabilizing America or aiding their fellow Republican president, they will always choose the latter.

Quit thinking that this brand of person – just another cultist with fleeting flashes of dignity – is of any worth. They are part of the side trying to submerge America in racism, misogyny, and evil.

They don’t need your help.