What Conservatives Believe, As Told By Conservatives (An Ongoing Narrative)

This is an attempt to synthesize the various allegations and claims about the world – especially about Democrats/progressives – made by conservatives into one mega-narrative. This will be updated as new and shocking information and narratives surface.

The FBI And Justice Department

The FBI is a corrupt organization that refused to arrest Hillary Clinton when she directly lied to them. It was ruined by James Comey, who sabotaged the investigation into Clinton by employing pro-Clinton agents to work on the project.

The Justice Department has refused to investigate Hillary Clinton even though she “acid washed” 33,000 emails.

Hillary Clinton Campaign

The NYPD was on the verge of making arrests related to Anthony Weiner’s sexting.

George Soros

George Soros is financing groups and organizations because he is pushing a sexual agenda. When he was a child, he worked with the Nazis.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren lied about being Native American so she could get ahead in college.

The Russia Investigation

The news made up the story that Trump asked Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn.


There’s no point to gun laws since Chicago has strict gun laws and is the most violent city in America.

Sex Scandals

Most sex scandals are committed by liberals.

Poor People

Poor people will just waste money if the government helps them. Most of the people on welfare are ethnic minorities or illegal immigrants, who then use food stamps to buy junk food, drugs, and other vice items.

Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage will lead to pedophilia.