Washington Post Gives Trump Racism A Pass, Again

The Washington Post does not want to handle Donald Trump’s racism. His racism is everywhere though, motivating and justifying multiple actions and tirades that envelop his entire presidency. The Post – in this instance, writer Eli M. Rosenberg – is aware that this is out there and must be addressed. So in a story on his attack on Marshawn Lynch, the latest black athlete that Donald Trump wants brought to heel, the Post references Trump’s racism. Quickly.

Most if not all of the athletes Trump has attacked have been some other race than white, a point not lost on the president’s critics.

That’s, it, one line. And the bulk of it tells readers this is not something they need to worry about, with a link to ThinkProgress, the Post signals that this is just liberals whining about Trump’s racism. “The president’s critics” as the Post dismisses them. Then the newspaper can go back to speaking about Trump vs athlete, unencumbered by the race stuff.

But the race stuff is the whole point. It’s messy, disgusting, and causes the Post writers to deal with something they would rather not. Again. So, eh, nothing.