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Tropical Storm Cindy 2017: Facts & Photos

Tropical Storm Cindy

What Is Tropical Storm Cindy?

Tropical Storm Cindy is the third tropical storm of the 2017 hurricane season. It formed in the Gulf of Mexico at 1:40 PM on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

At that point, Cindy was located 265 miles south-southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River. It was stationary and had sustained winds of 45 miles per hour.

Before it was named, the system was called Tropical Cyclone Three and passed over Cancun, Mexico.

Tropical Storm Cindy Forecast

The National Hurricane Center forecast that it will reach the coast of southwest Louisiana on June 21, and will move inland over western Louisiana and eastern Texas on June 22.

There is a tropical storm warning in effect from Cameron, Louisiana, to the mouth of the Pearl River, along the Louisiana-Mississippi border. There is also a tropical storm watch issued for west of Cameron to High Island, Texas.

The National Hurricane Center predicts storm a surge of one to 3 feet, rainfall of 6 to 9 inches when Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall.

Tropical Storm Cindy Forecast