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James Kohut: Facts & Photos

James Kohut

James Kohut is a former brain surgeon from Soquel, California.

What Is He Accused Of?

Kohut is accused of raping children along with two nurses from Santa Cruz County. Prosecutors say he plotted to impregnate women from Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada and Australia with the plan to rape their children.

Nurses Emily Stephens, of Pima County, Ariz., and Rashel Brandon, from Watsonville, Calif. have been charged along with Kohut.

Kohut was caught after Brandon’s husband turned over video to police of his wife and Kohut abusing children.

Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore said in court papers, ” For nearly 20 years, the defendant has had a fixed sexual desire to be part of multiple ‘taboo families’ where the parents raise their children sexually. He has a specific desire to have sex with a mother and a daughter. He then wants to impregnate the daughter and raise the child sexually in the ‘taboo’ family lifestyle.” Moore was making a request for the court to deny bail to Kohut.

Kohut has pleaded not guilty to ten felony charges made against him. If convicted he faces a minimum of 165 years in prison.

His medical licenses have been suspended in Alabama and Arkansas, and he agreed to voluntarily suspend his California license.

Kohut’s lawyer, Jay Rorty, denies the charges. In court papers Rorty wrote, ” There is no indication that law enforcement is in possession of any video or photographic evidence of Dr. Kohut committing such crimes. Much of the evidence against Dr. Kohut consists of allegations by Brandon, who has already demonstrated a willingness to lie to investigators regarding her own crimes even when confronted with images evidencing her criminal conduct.”