Oliver Willis

Liberals Suckered Again: NY Times Rakes In Subscriber Bucks Then Fires Public Editor

The New York Times has been bragging since Trump’s election about the fresh influx of subscribers it has received, largely from liberal readers, who seek to hold the Trump administration accountable.

But as it has so often done, the Times has once again played those subscribers for suckers with its latest announcement eliminating the position of public editor.

The current public editor Liz Spayd, has been largely toothless and ineffectual, deferring to the newsroom while admonishing critics.

But the point of the position is to hold the Times accountable internally, so that situations like Jayson Blair’s fabrications and Judith Miller’s promotion of WMD lies don’t happen again.

The problem is the NY Times internal policy – especially at the politics desk – is that it can do no wrong. They don’t believe they get stories wrong, and they dismiss complaints about their repeated emphasis on email stories during the 2016 election as just liberal griping rather than a legitimate problem.

So as the Times hires Bret Stephens to deny climate change on the editorial page, they also claim that they cannot afford to keep a public editor on staff, never mind that it also keeps another critic off the backs of the reporters they are coddling.

To subscribe to the New York Times today is to encourage more journalistic malpractice and malfeasance. It is a tragedy unfolding in slow-motion, and the left helped.

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