Kathy Griffin Controversy Exposes How Debased The Right Is

The controversy over Kathy Griffin’s bad decision to pose with a bloody facsimile of Donald Trump’s head backfired for her almost immediately.

She was condemned by liberals, CNN hosts, and most people with a pulse. In this instance, the system worked, and Griffin had an ad campaign featuring her pulled and later issued a public apology.

This all happened within hours, and it exposes a problem – on the right.

Unlike Griffin, musician turned right-wing pundit (and racist) Ted Nugent was explicit in calling for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be murdered, and he has made similar calls to violence on multiple occasions.

In response to these comments, Nugent has not suffered a loss of income or status on the right. He remains a board member of the NRA, a political pundit who appears in campaign ads for Republican candidates, and he was invited to the Oval Office by Donald Trump along with Kid Rock and Sarah Palin.

The conservative sphere has no standards for decency and behavior, and it rewards figures like Nugent for making threats of physical harm against people like Obama and Clinton.

Griffin was wrong, and she heard about it immediately with great fury and velocity. The left and the center have a sense of morality. The right does not.

This is how we got Trump, and that is why the right cannot stand on a moral high horse no matter how hard they try.

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