Maryland’s Larry Hogan Won’t Defend His Citizens Against Donald Trump

Maryland governor Larry Hogan has a problem on his hands, and its name is Donald Trump. Hogan didn’t endorse Trump in 2016, but his actions since Trump won the presidency have been a tacit endorsement of the racist, bigoted Trump agenda opposed by Marylanders resoundingly at the ballot box.

Maryland voted 60.5% to 35.3% for Clinton over Trump. It wasn’t even close. And while Hogan currently has high approval ratings, he seems to believe that he can let the Trump agenda grind down on Maryland and keep himself above the fray.

He did an interview on Friday on the Justin, Scott and Spiegel show on 98 Rock in Baltimore and said as much, claiming that while citizens have been pleading with him to stand up to Trump, those are simply federal issues he has nothing to do with. Hogan claimed, “I don’t see that as my role. I’m focused on the problems here.”

It’s nonsense. Other Democratic governors in the region, like Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe, stood up for their citizens against Trump by going to Dulles Airport and securing the release of people stranded by Trump’s Muslim ban. While other Maryland officials like Rep. Jamie Raskin, Rep. Anthony Brown, and Senator Chris Van Hollen went to BWI Airport to stand up to Trump’s thuggery, Governor Hogan was completely AWOL.

Maryland’s attorney general, Brian Frosh, also joined in a legal brief opposing the Trump Muslim ban.

(By the way: WBAL reporter Robert Lang noted that while Hogan was okay with doing an interview with 98 Rock in Baltimore, his staff blocked the reporter from the news station from asking follow-ups on his failure to defend Maryland against Trump)

Similarly, Hogan has been silent on the Trump-Ryan plan to destroy Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) even though 400,000 Marylanders rely on the program for their health insurance.

Larry Hogan can’t eat his cake and have it to. Either he has to stand with Marylanders against the Trump agenda, or Marylanders will have to find a governor who will do so.