‘Cosby’ Star Keshia Knight Pulliam: Hospital Official Who Racially Profiled Me “May Have Voted For Trump”

Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, best known for playing Rudy on The Cosby Show says that a hospital employee racially profiled her.

“During her podcast, Kandidly Keshia, the 37-year-old actress shared the awkward, embarrassing and frustrating story that the hospital’s lactation specialist confused her for a new mom who was in need of some of the services the hospital offers for those without health insurance.

‘This old little white lady, I think she may have voted for Trump, but bless her heart,’ the actress began recalling the uncomfortable situation. ‘So lactation specialists, for those who don’t know, because I’m breastfeeding, are the ones who help you through the process … anything having to do with breastfeeding.’

From there, the actress mimics the older woman’s Southern accent, going on to explain that the woman handed her a pamphlet regarding services available for new mothers, fixating on the assumption that Pulliam must need to take advantage of the resources.” [READ MORE]