Trump Wants To Make It Easier For Murderers To Get Away With Their Crimes Using This Tool

Donald Trump and allies in Congress are about to push a new law that would make it easier for murderers and other criminals to cover up their crimes.

The bill they’re using to push the NRA-supported agenda is called the Hearing Protection Act, which doesn’t use “guns” or “second amendment” in its title in order to obscure who the beneficiary of the legislation is.

The bill would eradicate currently existing strict limits on the sales of gun silencers, opening up these tools used to modify the sound output of guns to a wider audience, including murderers and other would-be criminals.

Donald Trump Jr., who has hunted endangered animals with his brother Eric, described the push for silencer deregulation as a “health issue” in a YouTube video produced by the company SilencerCo.

Experts on gun safety disagree.

In a comment to the Washington Post, Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center noted, “They want the general public to think it’s about hearing aids or something. It’s both a silly and smart way to do it, I guess. But when the general public finds out what’s really happening, there will be outrage.”

Murderer Christopher Dorner employed silencers on an AR-15 and a 9mm handgun as he went on a killing spree in Los Angeles in 2013. A serial killer in Vermont also used a silencer when murdering one of this 11 victims.

The NRA spent millions in 2016 to assist in Trump’s election. Pushing this law, along with his allies in Congress, would be a pay back to the gun and gun equipment manufacturers who have donated millions in favor of Trump.