French Fascist Wants Trump-Style Bump From Putin

Right-wing French politician Marine Le Pen is trying to get Russian president Vladimir Putin to give her a boost similar to that allegedly given to Donald Trump in the United States.

Le Pen, who hopes to François Hollande in elections this year, is now publicly making promises designed to attract Putin’s support. She said that she intends to give official recognition to Putin’s annexation of Crimea if she wins. The aggressive invasion was recently officially condemned by the United Nations’ human rights committee, and is expected to be condemned by a majority of the entire body despite Russian protests.

Le Pen has also made overtures to Russian banks to aid in financing her campaign.

U.S. intelligence agencies believe hackers acting on Putin’s orders broke into the email of the Democratic Party and passed those documents on to WikiLeaks, who released them. The agencies believe Putin made this move in order to influence the 2016 United States presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.

Since the reports from those agencies has surfaced, Trump has consistently downplayed their findings while publicly praising and courting the approval of Putin.

Le Pen heads the far-right National Front party, and like Trump has come under fire for making anti-Muslim comments.