Oliver Willis

Indiana Covering Up Details Of Trump/Carrier Bribery Deal

The government in the state of Indiana is covering up the details of the deal announced by Donald Trump to have Carrier keep jobs there.

The Washington Post reports that in response to an open records request filed by the paper, details of the so-called Carrier “deal” are being kept under lock and key. They report, “The Indiana Economic Development Corporation, a state agency chaired by Pence, said Indiana law allows it to withhold information until a contract is finalized. They’ve taken this route ‘to enable effective negotiations on behalf of Hoosiers,’ wrote Chris Cotterill, the IEDC’s general counsel, saying it will take up to three months to finish terms of the pact.”

Trump first announced that Carrier had agreed to bring back jobs simply based on him requesting that they do so. What later emerged is that his running mate and current Indiana governor Mike Pence had pushed the state into giving the company a bribe in the form of tax breaks and other incentives. In return, Carrier would keep a few jobs in Indiana but would also work to automate those systems and obliterate many of those positions in time. Similarly, Carrier would still be allowed to ship jobs overseas.

The CEO of Carrier’s parent company has bragged about being able to fool Trump and get positive headlines out of the announcement.

Trump has repeatedly claimed since the election that he has brought new jobs or kept other jobs in the United States, but every one of those claims has collapsed upon scrutiny soon after. Trump continues to take credit, while much of the mainstream media has regurgitated pro-Trump propaganda on the topic, rather than explore and report on whether he is telling the truth.

By comparison the United States has added over 15 million new jobs since President Barack Obama took over in the middle of the Bush recession in 2009.