Oliver Willis

GOP Wants Trump To Help Campus Rapists

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) is pushing for changes from Donald Trump once he is sworn in as president that would help rapists on college campuses.

Meadows wants Trump to repeal a rule from the Department of Education’s office of Civil Rights that instructs colleges and universities on how to handle complaints about sexual violence and sexual harassment.

According to the conservative, the rules put in place by the Obama administration – who has made fighting campus rape a major priority – “pressured colleges to spend hundreds of millions of dollars and to create vast campus bureaucracies” to investigate sexual assault and date rape, which he claims “may be overstated.”

Sofie Karasek, director of education at End Rape on Campus, slammed Meadows in a comment to USA Today: “There is a huge amount of evidence that campus sexual assault is a problem.” She also explained that Meadows argument that false rape allegations are rampant is false. She pointed out to the newspaper that false allegations are “on par with the rate of false accusations for other crimes.”

If Trump, who was caught on audio tape bragging about sexually assaulting women to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, rolls back the Obama-enacted rules, it would have the effect of giving more power and sway to rapists on college campuses across the United States.