Oliver Willis

Justin Bieber Now Using The Trump Defense In Lawsuit

Celebrity brat Justin Bieber is now using a defense strategy employed by none other than Donald Trump to escape scrutiny for a lawsuit he’s involved in.

Lawyers for Bieber specifically cited Trump while arguing that videotaped depositions should not be released into the public record. Bieber is in the middle of a lawsuit from a former neighbor in Calabasas, CA who claims that the pop singer egged his house and spat on him in 2014. Bieber denies the allegations.

The singer’s lawyers pointed out the order of protection Trump used during the lawsuit over Trump University, in which Trump was accused of scamming people who signed up to learn the secrets of doing real estate deals, but were instead huge marks and suckers for Trump’s team of salespeople.

Trump eventually settled the Trump University case for $25 million but refused to admit any wrongdoing.